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Become a WFAEA member

Annual WFAEA memberships are available to individuals, families, and other non-business entities at the membership levels shown.


Businesses are welcome to become WFAEA Patrons.

Membership funds help support:

  • Student scholarships

  • Funding for clinicians

  • Replacing/repairing instruments and uniforms

  • Providing dance and theater equipment

  • Funding student transportation

  • Need-based financial assistance for activity fees

  • Purchasing & repairing visual arts equipment

If you have a financial hardship meeting the annual membership dues, assistance is available, contact

All memberships include one vote at WFAEA's monthly general meetings. 


All members may also opt to be listed on WFAEA's website.

  • SALUTE $30 

  • APPLAUSE $50

  • CHEER $75 

  • BRAVO $100


  • ENCORE $150 - Donations at this level include a shout-out in the WFAEA online newsletter, with an option to select the spring Senior Spotlight issue.

  • STANDING OVATION $300 - Donations at this level include a Seat of Recognition and a shout-out in the WFAEA online newsletter, with an option to select the spring Senior Spotlight issue.

Click the red "Join WFAEA & Pay Online" button below to select your membership level online.   Online payment is through Paypal where you can use an existing Paypal account or any credit card.

Thank you to our 2022-23 Members:

Standing Ovation($300)

Eric & Michelle French

The Keogh Family

Patrick and Jennifer Guadiz

The Knox Family

Bravo ($100)

The  Niece Family

The Chace Family

The Henderson Family

The Crandall Family


Marc and Mary Levesque Family

The Swanson/Fitch Family

The Cushman Family

Liza Hubbard

The Northrup Family

Roberta Di Terlizzi

Applause ($50)

The Burow Family

The Plunkett Family

Maria and Zahid Ahmed

Encore ($150)

The Chong Family

The Kinsky Family

Josh Gordon & Naomi Botkin

Anna Leduc and Mark Zepf

The Datta/Dasgupta Family

Cheer ($75)

The Martin Family

Salute ($30)

The Gros Family

You can also make a donation and/or volunteer without becoming a WFAEA member.

Regardless of how much you give – we thank you immensely!

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

Thank you to our 2021-22 Members:

Standing Ovation($300)

Patrick and Jennifer Guadiz

Eric & Michelle French

Marc and Laura DiPilato

Jenny and Mark Silverberg

Bravo ($100)

Dmitry Tylik

The Leduc - Zepf Family

The Niece Family

The Kinsky Family

The Pittorino Family

Naomi Botkin and Josh Gordon

The Cushman Family

Chace Family

Crandall family

The Allegretta/Lam families

Applause ($50)

Terry Wilper

The Desmond Family

The Biancheri Family

Wu Family

Roberta Di Terlizzi


The Plunkett’s

Lei Chen & Ying Shi

Encore ($150)

Marc and Mary Levesque Family

Chong family

Eric Fitch & Kathy Swanson

Karen & Scott Henderson

Elizabeth and Kevin Dionne

Anjali and Janardhan Sampath

The Carpenter Family

The Hastings Family

Kim & Sean Keogh

Anand Datta and Debbie Dasgupta

Cheer ($75)

The Martin Family

Salute ($30)

Paul and Louise Gagnon



The Smith/Collins Family

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