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In the past, people using this program could earn rebates to fund their child's activity fees, travel and more!

Scrip is a no-brainer fund-raising opportunity where you purchase gift cards at face value (like you would normally do at a store), and a portion of a rebate from each purchase is returned directly to you, while a smaller percentage is donated to the Fine Arts Department.

Do you find yourself wishing you had more cash to pay for things like:
  • School activity fees
  • Travel (bus, plane, etc.)
  • Field trips
  • Banquets
  • Ensemble related T-shirts... and more?
THEN ENROLL TODAY!  Please print out a SCRIP ENROLLMENT FORM and mail it back to us right away!

Once you've enrolled in our program, you can order cards from major retailers at:

For more information, please see pages:
If you wish to learn more about the parent company administering this program, visit Great Lakes Scrip Center.