We are a volunteer-run group, with a wide variety of opportunities available to interested parties:

On the reverse side of the hardcopy form sent to parents, we list areas needing help, such as:
  • Concerts
  • Events
  • Hospitality
  • Fundraising
  • Service
  • Uniforms
Some examples for these areas are below:


Assisting with tickets, chaperoning, food donations, or clean-up

 __________ Choral Collage (Grades 6-12), usually late October

 __________ Band-o-rama (Grades 5-12), usually mid-November

 __________ String Fest (Grades 4-12), usually early March

 __________ Westborough High School concerts and performances 

 __________ Gibbons Middle School concerts and performances 

 __________ Mill Pond School concerts and performances 

 __________ 4th Grade Concert May/June 

 __________ Jazzstock Concert (Grades 5-12 jazz ensembles), often early June


 __________ Marching Band Jamboree, October (not every year)

 __________ WHS Senior Fine Arts Recognition Banquet, late May

 (traditionally underclassmen parents) 


 __________ Bake 

 __________ Donate Beverages 

 __________ Assist with concessions at concerts and performances 


 __________ Help with Season for the Arts concert program ad book, September/October

 __________ Gala Concert, April/May


 __________ Provide WHS Marching Band with “munchies” for  football games September - November 

 __________ Marching Bands at Memorial Day Parade 


 __________ Distribution of 300+ WHS student uniforms September/October