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Bylaws - Amended June 2013

Westborough Fine Arts Education Association, Inc.



The name of this organization shall be the Westborough Fine Arts Education Association, Inc. For the purpose of identification and brevity, any mention of the Westborough Fine Arts Education Association, Inc. shall be referred to as WFAEA.


The objectives of WFAEA shall be as follows:
1. To arouse and maintain an enthusiastic interest in all programs of the Fine Arts of the Westborough Public Schools K-12.
2. To lend all possible support to the Fine Arts programs in the Westborough Public Schools and specifically to the Coordinator of Fine Arts K-12.
3. To build and maintain an organization which will help promote the enrichment activities of the Fine Arts Department of the Westborough Public Schools K-12.


Section 1 - Membership
The membership of WFAEA shall not be limited. Anyone interested in the progress and development of the Fine Arts programs of the Westborough Public Schools shall be eligible for membership.

Section 2 - Application
Application for membership shall be made by written application to WFAEA and the payment of dues thereof.

Section 3 - Standing
An individual who has submitted a written membership application and payment of dues is considered a member in good standing. Voting privileges are extended only to members who meet this criterion.

Section 4- Resignation
Any member of WFAEA may resign at any time, but such resignation shall not entitle such member to a rebate of dues paid.


WFAEA annual dues shall be determined at the Annual Meeting by an affirmative vote of the general membership. The membership fee is due and payable each year by September 30th, or at the time of application. Payment of dues allows one vote per application for WFAEA business at meetings.


Section 1 - Annual Meeting
An annual meeting open to all members for the nomination and election of officers and the transaction of other business pertinent to the affairs of WFAEA shall be held as the last monthly meeting of the year. The Westborough Fine Arts Education Association shall send notice of the Annual Meeting to each member belonging to WFAEA at least ten days prior to the meeting by email.

Section 2 - General Meetings
WFAEA shall hold general meetings monthly from September through May or June open to all members in good standing, and interested volunteers, for the purpose of conducting the business of the organization. The last monthly meeting of the year shall serve as the Annual Meeting. A list of the year's monthly meeting dates, times, and locations shall be distributed at the September general meeting, and submitted to the school district online calendar.

Section 3 - Special Meetings
Special meetings may be called by the president, a vote of two-thirds of the Executive Committee of WFAEA, or upon a written request submitted to the President/Co-Presidents by five of the members not on the Executive Committee. Notices of such meetings shall be provided to each member of WFAEA by the President at least two days prior to the meeting. The president will convene the meeting within 12 days of the request.

Section 4 - Executive Committee
The Executive Committee shall meet as deemed necessary by the President/Co-Presidents for the purpose of conducting WFAEA business.

Section 5 -Quorum
1. A quorum of seven (7) voting members is needed for regular meetings to vote on WFAEA business.
2. A majority of the Executive Committee membership shall constitute a quorum at any Executive Committee meeting.

Section 6 - Meeting Agendas
The President/Co-Presidents shall establish meeting agendas in conjunction with the Coordinator of Fine Arts. Any member may request that an item be placed on the agenda for discussion by contacting the President/Co-President 48 hours in advance of the meeting. Any agenda item requiring a vote of the membership must be submitted in writing to the President at least five (5) business days prior to the meeting.


Section I - Officers
Nominations of officers shall be presented by the Nominating Committee and accepted from the floor by the members of WFAEA at the Annual Meeting yearly.

Section 2 - Balloting
Election shall be by written ballot by a majority of the members present. The nominating committee will be responsible for providing ballots at every election. The ballots will be shredded after the election.


Section 1 - Officers

The officers of WFAEA shall be President or Co-Presidents, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary. The term of office for the officers shall be one year from July 1 to June 30 of the following year. Officers shall be eligible for reelection but shall not serve for more than two consecutive terms in the same office. The officers shall appoint Standing Committees and any other such special committee as they or the membership deem necessary. The Standing Committees shall be appointed prior to June 30. Officers shall be members of WFAEA.

Section 2 - Executive Committee
The Executive Committee shall consist of the President/Co- Presidents, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and the Westborough Public Schools Coordinator of Fine Arts K-12.

Section 3 - Duties of the President/Co-Presidents
The President/Co-Presidents shall be the Chief Executive Officer(s) of WFAEA. The President/Co-Presidents shall preside at all meetings of WFAEA and the Executive Committee, and shall call such meetings as specified in Article V. The President/Co-Presidents shall submit an annual report at the Annual WFAEA Meeting. It shall be the President's/Co-Presidents' duty to exercise supervision over the activities and welfare of WFAEA and keep the members of the Executive Committee informed of all matters pertaining to the affairs of WFAEA. The President /Co-Presidents may authorize spending of money up to but not to exceed $250.00 for non-budgeted items without a vote if needed. It is the President’s responsibility to ensure that Non Profit Director and Officer Liability Insurance, and Commercial General Liability Insurance coverage is maintained on a yearly basis for the organization.

Section 4 - Duties of the Vice-President

The Vice-President shall, in the absence of the President/Co-Presidents, perform all duties and assume all responsibilities of the President/Co-Presidents. The Vice-President will oversee all fundraising committees. She/he will review the bylaws yearly with a committee of 3 appointed members.

Section 5 - Duties of the Treasurer

The Treasurer shall receive and disburse the funds of WFAEA as established by the budget and authorized by the Executive Committee. The Treasurer shall keep and preserve proper vouchers and books of account which shall be open for examination by the Executive Committee and/or the membership of WFAEA. The Treasurer shall also make the voucher records and books of account available annually for audit by an auditing committee duly appointed by the President/Co-Presidents. The audit results will be presented at the September meeting. The Treasurer shall deposit funds of WFAEA in such banks as may be approved by the Executive Committee. All checks drawn upon the funds of WFAEA shall require the signature of the Treasurer, President, or Co-President. The Treasurer shall submit an annual report to the membership at the Annual Meeting. In addition, the Treasurer shall submit a financial report at each general meeting and shall also present other financial reports as may be requested by WFAEA. The Treasurer will prepare a proposed annual budget for the next fiscal year. Recommendations will be based on past history; committee chairs recommendations and Coordinator of Fine Arts Recommendations. The Annual Budget will be voted on at the Annual Meeting.

Section 6- Duties of the Assistant Treasurer

The Assistant Treasurer shall assist the Treasurer with duties as needed to become familiar with the Treasurer’s responsibilities and reports. The Assistant Treasurer shall present a financial report at each WFAEA meeting at which the Treasurer will be absent. It is recommended that the Assistant Treasurer assume these responsibilities to prepare for the eventual role of Treasurer.

Section 7- Duties of the Secretary
The Secretary shall prepare and keep minutes of all WFAEA meetings and prepare and present necessary reports to WFAEA. The minutes will be prepared for distribution to the membership three (3) days prior to the next meeting. The Secretary shall keep a roster of Standing Committees, and perform other related duties as may be assigned by the President/Co-Presidents and Executive Committee.

Section 8-Duties of the Assistant Secretary

The Assistant Secretary shall assist the Secretary with duties as needed to become familiar with the Secretary’s responsibilities and reports. In the absence of the Secretary, the Assistant Secretary shall take minutes of WFAEA meetings. It is recommended that the Assistant Secretary assume these responsibilities to prepare for the eventual role of Secretary.

Section 9 - Duties of the Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall coordinate and execute the programs and projects approved by WFAEA. The Executive Committee shall manage the affairs and funds of WFAEA acting with full powers as authorized by the membership

Section 10- Vacancies

Executive Committee vacancies shall be filled by appointment for the unexpired term by a majority vote of the Executive Committee.


Section I - Hospitality
Hospitality shall arrange for lodging and or food for the guests associated with the programs of the Fine Arts Department of Westborough Public Schools (K-12). It shall serve as a welcoming committee when requested by the Executive Committee; plan refreshments for all Fine Arts programs and concerts, when appropriate; and perform other related duties as requested by the Executive Committee. When the Department is hosting district events, an additional chairperson shall be appointed.

Section 2 - Membership
Membership shall conduct a membership drive annually, shall be responsible for active recruiting, keep an up-to-date membership list, maintain a record of all dues paid, and keep the chairperson of each committee advised of the interest of any new members.

Section 3 - Publicity
Publicity shall be responsible for the publicizing of all Fine Arts events and activities of WFAEA.

Section 4- Service
Service shall provide assistance as requested by the Coordinator of Fine Arts K-12. This includes providing refreshments for games and parades, transportation, and chaperones. Service shall include a chairperson each for Center Stage productions, Marching Band Camp, Marching Band Banquet, and Senior Music Awards Banquet.

Section 5- Fundraising Committee
This committee will assist the Fine Arts Coordinator in fundraising activities in the Department and within WFAEA. They will help organize sales, encourage students to sell, establish Magazine and CD sale guidelines, tally all sales and collect money, and assist in fundraising ideas and implementation within the Westborough Fine Arts Education Association.

Section 6- Concert Management Committee

This committee would work with the Fine Arts Coordinator and staff for concert, play, and show admission and programs. Four parents per event are needed. Two parents to sit at the admission table and collect admission fee, and check for passes (if appropriate). A list of pass purchase names will be provided by the Coordinator of Fine Arts and placed in the box. Two parents should coordinate the programs and distribution. All this is applicable to the High School plays, concerts, and shows.

Section 7- Uniform Committee

This committee is responsible for distribution and collection of uniforms to all groups at the High School. A care and repair information sheet should be developed for distribution to students and parents. The Committee will maintain a log of all students and number of uniform distributed to them. This committee does not manage costumes for Center Stage Productions.

Section 8 - Liaisons

A minimum of one person will serve as a liaison per music ensemble/Fine Arts instructor for Mill Pond, Gibbons and the High School. The liaisons will serve as WFAEA representatives and contacts for the Fine Arts instructors whenever parental help is needed for a performance, competition, or trip. The Fine Arts instructor should contact the liaison in advance of the activity to request assistance. In turn, the liaisons will inform WFAEA of upcoming events and request additional assistance as necessary. A student High School liaison will report concerns or feedback from the students to WFAEA and help to promote participation in WFAEA activities within the student body.

Section 9- Ad Book

The Ad Book fundraiser shall have a committee of two to four (2-4) members. They will be appointed in June.

Letters should be sent to potential advertisers. Follow up by the committee will occur over the summer.

Each paid ad is allowed one vote per ad. The committee shall distribute thank you certificates/notes and a sample Ad Book to all business advertisers. They shall also receive a concert pass in the packet.


Section 1 - Nominating Committee
The Nominating Committee shall consist of no less than three members appointed by the President/Co-Presidents. They shall present a slate of nominees for election to the members of WFAEA at the annual meeting.

Section 2 - Budget Committee
A committee comprised of the President/Co-Presidents, Treasurer, and Coordinator of Fine Arts K-12 shall establish the annual budget for WFAEA. The proposed budget shall be presented to the membership for approval at the annual membership meeting at the end of the year. The budget needs approval by majority vote of the membership attending the annual membership meeting.

Section 3 - Auditing Committee

An independent audit shall be conducted annually. The Auditing Committee shall consist of no less than three members appointed by the President. The members of the Auditing Committee shall not be officers of WFAEA. The Auditing Committee shall be responsible for auditing the financial records of WFAEA and report back in writing to WFAEA's President/Co-President. The report will be presented at the September general meeting.


Section 1- Number of Scholarships and Amount
The number of scholarships to be awarded and the amounts shall be determined yearly by the WFAEA membership in conjunction with the adoption of the WFAEA annual budget. To be eligible students must submit a standard scholarship form with the Fine Arts department.

Section 2
- Special Scholarships
WFAEA will administer memorial or special scholarships at the request of private donors. The amount and number of scholarships as well as the selection criteria shall be determined by the private donor. Scholarship recipients will be determined by the Coordinator of Fine Arts and the Fine Arts faculty. To be eligible students must submit a standard scholarship form with the Fine Arts department.


Proposals for amendment to these Bylaws may be initiated by the Executive Committee or by petition of any twenty-five (25) members of WFAEA who are in good standing. Each proposed amendment must be submitted in writing to the Executive Committee who shall review the proposed amendment. After review by the Executive Committee, the Secretary shall distribute the proposed amendment in writing to all members five days prior to the consideration of the proposed changes at a general meeting of WFAEA. An amendment shall become effective upon receiving two-thirds affirmative vote of the membership present. 


Should WFAEA enter dissolution, all monetary funds shall be transferred to a fund which supports Fine Arts programs to Westborough Public School students. The Coordinator of Fine Arts department will manage the fund with recommendations from the Fine Arts staff.

Amended- June 2013

Westborough Fine Arts Education Association Inc.

WFAEA Administrator,
Jul 13, 2014, 10:35 AM